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LOVE COIN | Sharing Love By Crypto

Love is the world’s most beautiful feeling a human being can have. Love is the important thing. We give and get love from family, friends, and relatives, etc. There are many ways to share LOVE.
A new way of sharing LOVE was created by Wise World 2012 limited with the help of blockchain technology. They launched LOVE Coin for this purpose. So let us explain more about our LOVE Coin.

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LOVE Coin is a token launched on Stellar Chain. LOVE Coin came with the purpose to share LOVE in the world. The number of LOVE Coins is based on the population of people on the planet earth, each day the number is recalculated and new coins are created or burned as the population grows or decreases in numbers. Each person has one heart so for each person one LOVE Coin exists. When you spend LOVE Coin you get up to 9% back in LOVE coins.

Uses of LOVE Coin

The following are the uses of LOVE Coin.

  • Share

Share LOVE Coins with your family, friends and relatives or to any one. By sharing LOVE Coin you will increase the populatity of LOVE Coins and earn some cash back or a reward for doing so.

  • Stake

You can stake LOVE Coin by holding more then 365 Tokens in your LOVE Wallet. If you have 365 or more you will receive 1 LOVE Coin everyday. (Coming soon)

  • Buy

You can BUY products available on LOVE Wallet and Love Coin website. (Coming soon) AVAILABLE NOW TO BUY PRODUCTS ON OUR STORE LEJCI.SI.

  • Donate

You can donate LOVE Coin . Donate Love to whom need it most and get rewarded for doing so.

  • Trade

LOVE Coins looks similar to Love but still it is a crypto currency So you can TRADE it.
Yes! You can trade LOVE Coin and can make profit by trading.


You can SHARE, SHOP, DONATE AND MORE with LOVE Coin Token plus you will get up to 9% CASHBACK in LOVE Coins.
Really LOVE Coin works on the principle of real Love : Give Love have Love get Love.

You can also STAKE and TRADE LOVE Coins to get profits.

Here is some info about the organization behind LOVE Coin.

Wise World 2012 limited

We strive to create a new economy with the help of cryptocurrency. This new technology gives us limitless possibilities and we can create virtually anything with it. We trust in crypto cryptocurrency and this technology that helps us in everyday life and improves our standard of living and creating on this earth.
So why craving when we can raise up!

Official Links

Website: https://lovecoin.life/#body
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LoveCoin12
Telegram: https://t.me/lovecoincomunity
Wallet and exchanges:
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5270812.0
Token Issuing Account: https://stellar.expert/explorer/public/account/GCLEW3MLTF35AM3GK6LOCAFS4ETKNGHN5IWU23I3IGOSK7IYWYWAB3GS

Exchange’s Link :

Here are the exchanges where LOVE Coin is trading right now.

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